“Gani Coco Coir is the best coconut fiber out there; it is the lowest in sodium of any of the coco fiber products. It’s a true champion when it comes to water holding capacity. It lasts and lasts.”

-George Altgelt
Owner & CEO of Geo Growers


“We had the pleasure of meeting our Master Gardener Gani and his wife Ratna right away and started learning some advanced gardening skills… The secret ingredient turned out to be the Coco Coir that Gani provided rather than using sphagnum moss that is not PH neutral or a renewable source. Just add water in a wheel barrow and you’ve got a full load of Coco Coir.”

-Bryan Stell
Green Haven Ranch Resident

image013Bryan Stell and wife, Rhonda, at the Green Haven Ranch

“Gani Coco Coir was ready in 30 minutes or less. One of the traditional “coir peat” blocks didn’t break up for 5 days! Who has that kind of time? Saving time and water makes my life so much easier.”

-Barbara Isbell
Nursery Manager
Geo Growers

“Our soil blends containing Gani Coco Coir have been getting raves from our customers. The near-neutral pH mixes with ease and is excellent for bagging. We recommend it highly.”

-Santiago Aponte
General Manager
Organics by Gosh

“Your coconut coir is excellent for container gardening as it is light and airy. I especially like using it as a rooting medium. Cuttings take much quicker, and I have had a higher success rate.”

-Laura Joseph

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