About Gani Coco Coir

The coconut tree is an incredibly versatile tropical plant that has survived for millennia. Known as the “tree of life,” all parts of the coconut can be utilized not just for food, but for industrial purposes too. While many are familiar with coconut milk and coconut oil, the husk fibers can also be used to make ropes and mats. More recently, the husk fibers have been used to make a planting medium called coco coir, also known as coco peat.

Introducing Gani Coco Coir

An all-natural product, Gani Coco Coir is made by extracting the brown fibers from the coconut shell, washing and drying it, screening it to remove impurities, and compressing it into lightweight bricks for easy transport. A 12x12x6-inch block mixes with water to make 17 gallons of planting medium!

How coconut coir is created
Gani Coco Coir is the 100% natural and easy way to improve the soil in your nursery or landscape project. We believe you’ll experience much better plant growth with our coco coir compared to peat moss or other coconut products.

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  • Organic soil amendment
  • Potting soil substrate
  • Plant propagation media
  • Rooting plants, seeds and cuttings
  • Green lawn media
  • Golf courses & sports fields
  • Water conservation & retention
  • Hydroponic applications
  • Soil-less growing
  • Worm bin compost bedding

Gani Coco Coir vs. Peat Moss

Coco Coir Peat Moss
  • Neutral 6-7 pH
  • Very low sodium
  • Hydrates within 15-30 minutes
  • Very light weight
  • Porous fibers retain moisture for weeks
  • Stable and reusable up to 4 years
  • All-natural, organic & biodegradable
  • Easy to store
  • Acidic 4-5 pH
  • High sodium
  • Emits CO2
  • Production is non-eco friendly
  • Non-reusable
  • Does not hold moisture

Want to know more about Gani Coco Coir and how it can help your next gardening or landscaping project? Download our PDF brochure, or feel free to contact us for more information.

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