mainphoto1Gani Garden promotes sustainable community living in a new housing development at “Green Haven Ranch,” located at 650 Haybarn Lane in Hutto, TX 78634. Gani Garden uses one-acre lots to grow organic food, collect rainwater, and collect solar energy for family consumption.

The Organic Farm & Learning Center will be a working model by growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs in a renovated old farm house & cistern built in 1930, as true farming was ran for many years.

The objective is to teach “neighborhood community” by conducting classes & workshops related to sustainable living topics. Efforts will be dedicated to use chemical free fertilizers & pesticides for gardening to grow interesting food for healthy living. Gani Garden techniques conserve rain water & grey water for gardening and use solar energy to power our home.

Gani Coco Coir is a 100% natural planting medium made from coconut husk fibers. Once extracted from the coconut shell, the brown fibers (coir) are washed, dried, screened to remove impurities, and finally compressed into compact, lightweight blocks.

Known around the world as an environmentally sound, easy to use planting medium, the benefits of coco coir horticulture can now be brought to your garden, nursery, or landscaping project, thanks to Gani Coco Coir.

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